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One Year Later…

“One Year later…”

Dear Bud,
Through my tears I dialed your number
My world crashing down around me.
No sense could I make of things
Hoping your view would help me see.

Although you tried talking sense to him
His mind was made up
Greener pastures beckoned him,
New adventures filled his cup.

As I poured out my pain & sorrow,
Drowning in the rushing river of tears,
You became a Rock to hold on to
And shelter from the storm of fears.

Although I did not know it,
You had your own pain and sorrow
You knew all about tears, fears,
And the unknown tomorrow.

We found we had much in common
Although we hated to admit it.
This didn’t start to bring such results
But neither of us wanted to quit.

Now the question arose
Would your friend put up a fight?
Before you could worry too much
He gave you a firm green light.

And then it all began
At Exit three thirty three
It surprised us both,
The love between you and me.

My 40th birthday was such fun!
Emerald ring and trucks at Baskin,
But the most important thing for me
Was sharing it with my sweetheart Lynn.

Christmas came with family joy.
Sharing time with our offspring.
Grandchildren still popping out
for both you and me.

Mace, Angie, Tanner & Jackson,
James, Laura, Kitties, & Reagan,
Kris, Tabi, Brad and Ryleigh,
Mom & Dad, families of Mark & Becky,
Family’s so important to you and me.

New Year’s Eve was the best ever.
Just outside of Nashville,
All dressed up and dinner,
Brings laughter still.

Winter brought shows of many kinds
Car show in Moultrie,
Farm show in Louisville,
Quilt show in the Smokies.

Springtime proved busy
For my dirt digging buddy
But waiting patiently
Was his west TN blondie.

July was fun from beginning to end
The 4th with my parents,
Truck shopping at Baskins.
Although it’s not funny,
The breakdown at North 40,
You were so cute!
Even if we both were pooped!

 Oh what a thrill
Kelley’s Island turned out to be.
The beautiful waters of Lake Erie.
Bicycles, boardwalks, beaches & sand,
Perch and hot wings,
Ready on demand.

Awesome Sunrise on the ferry,
On the way to a car show,
Quiet evenings at my home,
With Movies to go.

Alex pouncing on your head
Attacking your toes,
Licking your eyelids,
Or scratching your nose.

As I look back over the months
I know it’s true
God has really blessed
Me and hopefully you.

Just when my world
was like the twin towers
You appeared in my life
Like sweet fragrant flowers.

God knew what he was doing
Though we could not see
Bringing together
East and West Tennessee.

Had I not trusted in Him
I would never have known
A love as wonderful & deep
As ours has grown.

When I look back
And see how my life turned
As I trusted in Him completely
Although it really burned.
I now have a true love
who thinks the world of me
and for the first time in my life
I’m as happy as can be.

I was blessed with two children
And I thought that was enough,
But at my lowest moment
God showed me what REAL love was.

Between you and Ryleigh
My world is now complete.
My life filled with sunshine
Oh, it’s such a treat!
To wake up each morning
With a smile on my face
And know that I’m covered
By God’s amazing Grace.

He has shown how much he loves me
Although I couldn’t see it then,
He had someone more special waiting for me
When he took away my plan.

Now it’s His plan I follow
And complaints are not heard
For his blessings outdo my understanding
So I follow his word.

If ever my faith weakens
All I have to do
Is take one look at the blessings he gave me
And Bud, that means you!

I love you with all my heart,
God planted that seed to grow.
He designed our love to his inspection
For much longer than we know.
For when we finish here on earth
I honestly believe,
That we will share our love in heaven
Loving each other endlessly.

So you see my dear Bud,
This year has really been one for me.
Finally so many things make sense
Finally…..I’m happy.

I love you Bud,
Sept 17th, 2002

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