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Warm Hugs for Dark Nights

          Warm Hugs for Dark Nights 

by Denise Mansfield  

Author, Denise has a great compassion for those suffering from lonely nights due to death, divorce, military deployment, empty nest, etc. As a result of her personal struggles (along with her own imperfections and mistakes) she began to write short inspirational stories about these difficult times and how God worked through these times to mold her as “HE” saw fit. Denise takes the reader from light hearted humorous laughter to the deepest emotional tears as her pen shares the honesty of dealing with ordinary life in the midst of life’s battles. Bonus Section! Stories also included by Jayc Harold, Greg McDougal, Lance Christopher and David Pruitt. They share their experiences as they deal with the challenges in their own lives, turning those obstacles into opportunities for God to touch others through them. Features Christian Country Music Artist, Jayc Harold.

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Excerpts from Warm Hugs for Dark Nights:

Granny Ola

My Hero

Desert Storm

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