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Stained Glass Corvette

I love stained glass. I love the way it bring such brilliant colors into a place with light shining through the stained glass panes.

Recently I created a stained glass painting for a friend who adores her Corvette.



I started out with two photo collage frames, ripping off the backs of each.

  • Then, using a pattern I found, I outlined the corvette with stained glass piping paint.
  • While doing this, I rested the glass inside the frame with the pattern underneath.



After the piping paint had time to dry, I began filling in the car with black paint. The first coat was painful to view and it was right about here that I considered tossing the entire project in the trash.



The second coat of black paint restored my hope in the project.



Ok, so hang with me here…

Remember I said I started with 2 frames?
Ok the idea was to paint the glass and then put the two frames back to back,
thus giving a “finished” look to both sides of the stained glass hanging photo.
Ok, well, the purchase of two frames brought TWO panes of glass.
Which brought on another dimension for this project.
I decided to paint the Mountains in the background on one pane of glass…
and paint the car and closeup foliage on the other pane of glass.
adding spacers in-between the glass panes to
1. Take up the space within the recessed area of the frames and
2. Giving a dimensional distance between the background mountains
and closeup foliage & car.



I added a few clouds to the front pane of glass for extra depth
(note the shadows from the clouds)



Once the two panes of glass were finished and dry
I attached clips for the hanging chain
and then glued the two frames together, back to back.
This resulted in a finished, beautiful frame on both sides
since this would be seen from both sides hanging in a window.



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