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Dining Table Makeover

IMG_4072Project Day #1:

I’ve been itching to get started on this project! Today was a great start on it!


Our Dining table is solid and sturdy but was showing some wear and tear, nicks and bumps. Time for a bit of TLC.


IMG_4074Braving the low temps of the cold January day, I spent the afternoon sanding the top of the table back to raw wood.








Yeah, it took some perseverance today, but my trusty sander kept the task easy.




Had to go inside to warm up my toes a couple of times but the job of sanding was finally completed.


You will have to stay tuned as this project unfolds.

Project Day #2:

IMG_4098 Time to work on the chairs.

The finish on the chair seats were in good shape and I sure hated to sand it all off (especially around the back spindles!) however I wanted them to match the table I’m working on.

I decided to use the same stencil pattern I will be using on the table top.




Using a Dremel engraver, I ground off the varnish inside the stencil design.

It looks white for now but it won’t be for long….













Stay tuned as this project continues to unfold.





IMG_4121Project Day #3:

Time to work on the Table top. Oh, I’ve been itching to get to this!

Taking a white pencil I traced my stencil pattern onto the bare table top.

This is the same stencil I used for the Cackleberry Inn front steps so you can still see the paint from that task. 🙂

IMG_4110Then with a tiny detail brush, I painted the stenciled design using polyurethane.



Now, bare with me, I’m not done yet.



IMG_4120Although it doesn’t look like it yet, this project is coming together.



Project Day #4:




Painting of the stencil with polyurethane is now complete.




IMG_4125Now it’s time for the Magic.



IMG_4126Ah yes! There’s the POP!


Oh My, I love this!


IMG_4135And the chairs…






I like the “Mirrored”  effect of the stencil on the chairs from the table.



Same, and yet not.






This is so FUN!



And here are a few more photos of our newly refurbished dining room set.








So enjoy this stuff!



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