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Barn Quilts

Barn Quilts are large wooden squares painted as a Quilt Block. Most of the time the painted block is hung on vintage or family barns. Some can be seen on houses and business buildings.

I’ve been fascinated with Barn Quilts for a while now but only recently had the opportunity to dive into such a project.

I created a 4 foot square for my parents for Christmas. Since Dresden is their hometown, The Vintage “Dresden Plate” was the only Block to make for them.

barnquilt dresden plate sharideniseMy sister and her husband are big UT VOL fans. So, for Christmas I created a Barn Quilt just for them.

The UT VOL Block was four foot square also. Made out of 3/4″ Plywood.

barnquilt ut square sharidenise

I admit, it took a bit of prep work.

barnquilt ut square patteren sharidenise

and for the Dresden Plate, I began with the basics.

barnquilt dresden plate pattern sharidenise

If you are fascinated with these beautiful blocks, you might be interested in checking out my pinterest board of Barn Quilts.


My son hung the Dresden Plate Barn Quilt Block up on my dad’s barn on Christmas Day.

dresdenplate barn quilt sharidenise





This is the third Barn Quilt Block I made for a friend. I combined several different patterns into one block to make it original, and using colors that would enhance the design.



Below is a photo of the block as a work in progress and how I drew the pattern onto the 4’X4′ piece of plywood. As you see in the photo, I began with drawing the pattern on a regular piece of graph paper, then with a long measuring stick I drew it onto the 3/4′ thick plywood.


I love Barn Quilts. It’s a piece of history attached to the present and will be here for the future. #happy


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