Unique Creations by Shari Denise

From Writing to Chickens with lots in-between, Creativity Abounds!

My Unique Creations

IMG_4134It is so fascinating to me that God created each of us differently and with totally different and unique interests. I have friends and/or family that eat, drink and sleep hunting, ball sports or NASCAR races. Me? Those interests are nice, but they don’t ignite much muster in me.

Working on a project while listening to a good book on audible.com is one of my favorite things to do. Below (in no certain order) are some of the results of this.

Many to add…

Dining Table Makeover

Corner TV Cabinet

Repurposed Oil Lamp

Stain Art Table

Hanging Window Shelves

Kitchen Cabinet Facelift

Re-Purposed Old Trunk

Re-Purposed Fallen Tree

Firewood Box from Re-Purposed wood

Cackleberry Inn  (One of my favorites! Each detail was strategically considered)

Cackleberry Wet Bar

Poultry Water Options

Cackleberry Dining

Cackleberry Climb & Dine

Tea Cup Bird Feeder

Cackleberry Nursery Suite

Cackleberry Kids Corral 

Cackleberry Kids Cube

Goat Toys:

Chevken Coupe

Chicken Wiggle Walk

Restoring Antique Door



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