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Mansfield Cemetery, VA

So, what’s the big deal about finding a Mansfield Cemetery in VA? well, according to what research I have, this farm was the Mansfield farm for several generations. The John Mansfield that came over the Cumberland gap into the Tennessee country was born there and records show his grandfather (also John Mansfield) was buried in that very Cemetery. our Tennessee-bound John Mansfield’s half brother stayed on the farm and raised his family there. it was this half brother that I found a lot of history on during my visit. so, it’s not just about TN John’s half brother, Robert Mansfield being a Revolutionary War Patriot, it’s about the farm where generations of Mansfields grew up on. This is where we came from.

Mansfield Descendants

David Mansfield…Born in England & died in VA 1672 Emigration: 1619
Departed London August 1619 on the Bona Nova & arrived in Virginia with 120 Passengers. Sent by the Virginia Company.
Son of David Mansfield:
*William Mansfield B. 1670
married Mary Alden in Essex co. Virginia. She was born 1678.
Son of William & Mary Alden Mansfield:
*John Mansfield B. 1700 in Virginia. Buried Mansfield Cemetery, Orange Co. VA
Married Ann Waldo Grasty (B. 1720) 10/21/1737 in Spottsylvania Co. Virginia
Children of John & Ann Waldo Grasty Mansfield:
*Joseph Grasty Mansfield B. 1738 VA D. 1788 VA (age 50)
*William Mansfield
Joseph Grasty Mansfield
Married Sara Emma Herndon . . . . .B. 1741 D. 1763 (age 22)
Had one child: Robert Mansfield . . . .. B. 12/16/1762 VA D. 10/01/1833 (age 71)
Buried Mansfield Cemetery, Orange Co. Virginia
Revolutionary War Patriot.
Lived on Mansfield family Farm
until his death as did his wife Mourning.
Married Mourning Clark . . . B. 10/27/1763 D. 03/18/1836 (age 73)
Buried Mansfield Cemetery, Orange Co. Virginia
Robert & Mourning had 13 children!
Joseph Grasty’s wife, Sara died.
He then married
Melinda Nancy Harrison . . . B. _____ D. _____
Children of Joseph Grasty & Melinda Nancy Harrison Mansfield:
John Mansfield . . . . B. abt 1775 VA D._____
Lawrence Mansfield
Samuel Mansfield
Benjamin Mansfield
Frankie Mansfield
Elizabeth Mansfield
John Mansfield
Married Mary Smith . . . . B. _____ D. abt 1798
Had a daughter | Nancy Mansfield . . . B. 1791 VA D.?_ (Weakley co. TN)
John Mansfield’s wife Mary died.
He then married
married 02/16/1799 |—Nancy Carr B. abt 1778 VA (Albemarle co.) D._____
(Parents: Thomas Carr & Ann Sanders Carr)
John & Nancy Carr Mansfield traveled over the Cumberland Gap &
into the Tennessee Territory with Nancy’s family, the Carrs,
settling in Lebanon, TN (Wilson Co.)
Children of John & Nancy Carr Mansfield:
Grasty Mansfield . . . B. 1800 VA D. 1865 (Obion Co. TN) (4 wives total)
Garnett O Mansfield . . . B. 1801 VA D. _____(Wilson Co.? TN)
Granville O Mansfield…. B. 1802 VA, D. 01/15/1861
Grasty Mansfield . . . B. 1800 VA D. 1865 (Obion Co. TN) .
Grasty and his half sister Nancy, along with their families,
traveled on to West TN, settling in Obion Co.

Grasty Mansfield had 3 wives total & children by ea. of them:
Wife 1: Fannie Edwards D abt 1832
married 04/01/1823 in Wilson Co.
Children of Grasty and Fannie Edwards Mansfield:
*John Plymoth Mansfield b 1827, d. 03/09/1875, Dresden, TN
*Elizabeth Mansfield
*William Mansfield
Wife 2: Abbie Andrews,
married 09/25/1832
Children of Grasty and Abbie Andrews Mansfield:
*Amanda Mansfield b. 07/23/1834 d. 03/14/1917
(I found Amanda, her husband
& children’s graves in Union City, TN)
*Mary Mansfield b. 1838
Wife 3: Mary Polly Stoker
married 02/07/1839
Children of Grasty and Polly Stoker Mansfield:
*James Mansfield, b. 1840
*Cynthia Ann Mansfield b. 1843
*Granville Smith Mansfield, b 1845
John Plymoth Mansfield
settled in Weakley County.
married .. Mary Jane Stoker b. 1831 in TN
had 8 children: * Frances E Mansfield
* William A (Bud) Mansfield b. 06/07/1854, d. 04/19/1920 in Weakley Co, TN
* James Granville Mansfield
* John (Flem) Thomas Mansfield
* Albert Casey Mansfield
* Edmond G Mansfield
* Sarah R Mansfield
* Thomas Finis Mansfield

William A (Bud) Mansfield
married … Mary E. Matheny b. 10/26/1865, d. 12/18/1047
(neither could read or write)
had 9 children: *Bonnie Mansfield
* Sarah Mansfield
* Calvin Duke Mansfield
* Suzie Mansfield
* John Mansfield
* Betty Mansfield
* Emily Mansfield
* Frank Lee Mansfield b. 08/01/1905 d. 11/14/1971
* Orelle Mansfield
Frank Lee Mansfield
married…09/01/1929 Ruby Lee Rainey b. 12/21/1908 d. 10/13/1952
had 4 Children: * Mildred Ann b. 11/06/1931
* Robert Dennis Mansfield b. 10/10/1936
* Frank Lee Mansfield Jr. b. 05/29/1945
* Sadie Marie Mansfield b. 01/30/1950
married… 08/30/1957 Ola Bell Wright b. 07/06/1908 d. 02/05/2000
late life marriage, no children

Robert Dennis Mansfield
married 09/01/1956 Jessie Pearl King b. 09/12/1937
had 3 children: * Rebekah Jo Mansfield b. 09/24/1959
* Shari Denise Mansfield b. 11/27/1961 (ME!)
* Mark Anthony Mansfield b. 05/01/1968


Have you ever promised someone something and then didn’t get around to getting it done? Well, that kinda happened to me. Several years ago I was doing a little research on my Genelogy and uncovered the location of the Original Mansfield Farm and Cemetery located near Barboursville, VA. My Dad was so excited about my find and looked forward to my promise of going there and getting a photo of the cemetery. Well, Life called, different avenues of interest took over my focus and time. Every so often he would mention the cemetery I’d found and his desire to see pictures of it. When Dad’s health gave us yet another scare I knew there was something I had to make time for or I would regret it for the rest of my life. Making a visit to that Cemetery. So, after traveling from East TN to West TN to spend some time with my parents and seeing for myself that Dad’s recovery was well on it’s way, I headed east; and then east some more. I am SO glad I did!
The Cemetery is located on Donny & Chris Rose’s farm at 4330 Ridge Road, Barboursville, VA 22923. Donny’s Landscaping buisness is located on the Farm just passed the Cemetery. The original Mansfield Family Farm is mancured to the finest detail and is a picture of paradise. The Roses were the nicest couple I’ve ever met and have an astounding humble respect for the Mansfields who lived on this piece of land years before.
I will be posting more details in the near future….
Donnie & Chris Rose proved to be such earnest people with a profound respect for the Mansfield family. Donnie and his son, Shawn own a landscaping and stone buisness which is located just behind the Mansfield Cemetery. Click on the link below to see their website. You will also find photos of the Springhouse built by the Mansfields and the stone wall around the Mansfield Cemetery.
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