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It happened On This Day

20234_1328963512595_5941675_nIt Happened on this day

So many years ago.

My life would never be same,

How was I to know.

Such a tiny little bundle,

I was scared to death,

Becoming a mom

nearly took my breath.



Then my precious baby

turned into Big Brother

In a way too short

eighteen months later.




Packed full of energy,

always on the go,

he had lots of gears

and none were slow.





A little Boy,

A little Girl,

This mom’s emotions,

always a swirl.




Monkey shines and giggles

I must give him credit

Life was never boring,

On that you could bet it.




Good times, happy times

good memories abound.

But challenges simmered,

we sensed them around.





When you become a mother

You love like no other.

You never give up

and you never put asunder.





As God creates a life

He gives a mom a peak

at potential and talent,

It’s called Mother’s instinct.




There’s something about knowing the story

from beginning to end

That makes you understand

and fight to defend.




Charm, he’s got plenty,

wit, he has that too,

and that smile of his

lights up a room.





He can make you laugh,

he can make you giggle,

But to none,

Does he play second fiddle.






In the recent years,

when I thought mothering was done

this person God gave me…

my lessons have only begun.





How God wraps lives together,

It nearly makes my head swim,

My son learned from me

Now I learn from him.




See, each of us are God’s creation,

God has a purpose in mind,

for each of us there’s a reason

that touches all mankind.




God allows our struggles to hone us,

To move us into position.

He knows it can be painful

as we make the transition.




I thought I loved Christ,

I thought my faith was strong,

I thought I knew so much about life,

What I thought was wrong.




It took a boy that I call son,

who grew into a man,

It took a struggle that most would lose,

to show me God’s plan.




My Son has taught me we all fail,

and some of us fall hard,

But if you rely on God

HE is the true Lifeguard!



35 years ago today

I thought God gave me a challenge.

A task, a responsibility, a blessing.

Oh, such a small part of this package!




Now I look back and I can grasp

a glimpse of God’s plan.

And how He would use my baby boy

In the ugly Lion’s Den.

It’s taken 35 years to get him here

1556865_10203307296911621_887156950_oand I am still amazed,

At this incredible character

that God gave me to raise.

On my son’s 35th Birthday


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