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Aunt Sadie’s Eulogy

Wow. That gal had grit didn’t she?


The Doctors gave up on Aunt Sadie and 

sent her home to spend her last days

 with her family, 

saying she wouldn’t make it through the holidays. 


Well, they got part of it right. 


That was 3-4 years ago. 


Back in Sept of 2011 my dad, (her brother) was really sick in the Jackson hospital. 

NOTHING  would do Aunt Sadie

 but she was going to go see her brother.

 We couldn’t believe she was going to try

 to make the hour long trip

 in the condition she was in. 

At that point she had worn hospice out THREE times already! (yes, this was in 2011!)


Sadie Visits her brother, Robert in hospital Sept. 2011.

Sadie Visits her brother, Robert in hospital Sept. 2011.

In she rolled in her wheelchair, 

smile just a shining. 

When we asked her 

how in the world she could make such a trip,

she just flashed a big ol grin and said

“I got this kind of patch for pain,

 and that kind of patch for ease, 

and another patch for something else, 

why they got me patched up like an old tar!” 


Our care and concern was always met 

with Aunt Sadie’s reply, 

“Only God knows when my time will come.” 


and she was right. 


Sadie, with daughter Cindy and granddaughter Alyssa.

Sadie, with daughter Cindy and granddaughter Alyssa.

We’ve all witnessed 

how she kept 

pushing, striving, 

hanging on to a thread of life.

 So many times we each have wondered, 

how can a person hang on like that against all odds?


I don’t think we can appreciate Aunt Sadie’s life appropriately and realize

 what brought such grit to this person, 

until we step back a bit 

and look at not just Aunt Sadie recently,

 but at how and what 

brought her through to this point. 



Sadie Marie Mansfield

 was born January 30th, 1950. 


The 4th and final child of 

Frank Lee & Ruby Lee Mansfield. 


Mansfield Siblings; Mildred Ann (19), Robert Dennis (14), Frankie Lee Jr (5), Sadie Marie (newborn).

Mansfield Siblings; Mildred Ann (19), Robert Dennis (14), Frankie Lee Jr (5), Sadie Marie (newborn).

She was the baby sister to 

19 year old Mildred Ann, 

14 year old Robert Dennis, 

and 5 year old Frankie Lee. 


Now, I am told that after Sadie was born, 

proud daddy Frank made his exit from the hospital 

and ran home to check on the kids

 (Robert, Frankie and Mildred Ann). 

Somehow little Frankie 

found his daddy’s car keys fascinating 

and began playing with them. 

When it was time for Frank to go back to the hospital, 

no keys could be found, 

thus the entire house 

was turned upside down 

in an attempt to find the car keys. 


Ruby, their mom,

was a devote christian lady. 

She raised her children 

with her Pentecostal faith and principles. 

She dedicated all of her energy 

toward her family and home. 

After little Frankie was born 

she got a job at the shirt factory 

so she could buy extra things like 

an electric range stove 

and refrigerator 

and a wringer style washing machine.

Image 2

Frank Mansfield, at his wife Ruby’s gravesite.


Sadly, Ruby’s life was cut short 

as she grew sick with cancer 

when her baby girl was still in diapers. 

God called her home on October 13th, 1952. 

Sadie was 2 1/2, 

Frankie was 7, 

Robert had just turned 16. 

Mildred Ann, 21 had already left home

 and was beginning her own family a few counties away.  


We’re talking early 1950’s here. 

A different world than we now know. 


The loving home that had been their foundation 

had just been turned upside down. 


16 year old Robert quit school 

and ran the household 

while his dad worked. 

With the help of his mother’s sister, Annie Bell, 

he learned to cook, clean, wash, 

and take care of his 2 year old sister 

and 7 year old brother. 


Mansfields are kind of known for our temper. 🙂 


When Robert was almost 20 

and took his own bride in September of 1956 

the news did not go well 

with his father, Frank.  

We today,

 can only imagine

 the frustration and fear 

Frank felt as he realized 

his inability to handle the home life by himself.  

What was he going to do? 

How was he going to work 

and raise an 11 yr old boy 

and a 6 yr old girl alone?


And then God blessings flowed. 


Ola Bell Wright Mansfield

Ola Bell Wright Mansfield

On August 30th, 1957, 

at age 52, Frank Mansfield married 

49 year old Ola Bell Wright. 

Ola had never been married before 

nor had any children. 

She came from a big family though 

and had plenty of experience 

loving and raising children. 

And she not only fell in love with Frank, 

but his scraggly bunch of young’ens, 

especially a 7 year old dark headed

 burst of energy named Sadie. 


Life was once again filled with joy 

as Ola filled the hugh void in the home. 

Man! she could cook! 

Frankie and Sadie scampered around happily.


Then tragedy struck 

on a cold winter day in 1962. 


Frank worked on the county crew

 building highway 118 

that ran from Dresden, north 

to Latham 

and on to Dukedom. 


On that cold tragic morning, 

the ground was covered 

with snow and ice all around. 

The crew reached the equipment 

that they had left near Dukedom the day before. 

They started cranking up the engines, 

as they prepared to clean the snow 

and ice off the roads. 

As Frank fueled up the road grater, 

it began to move, 

catching him in the process. 

The massive road grater rolled over Frank, 

crushing his leg. 


For the next several months 

Ola stayed by Frank’s side 

in the hospital in Memphis. 

Robert took Frankie (a teen ager now) 

and 12 year old Sadie home with him.


I’m sure Frankie held his little sister’s hand

as they once again, 

were shuttled amidst family.


Robert and wife Jessie 

had their hands full 

with 2 toddlers of their own, 

and Sadie adored playing 

with the two little girls. 


Robert Dennis, Rebekah, Aunt Emily (Frank's sister), Denise, Sadie Marie.

Robert Dennis, Rebekah, Aunt Emily (Frank’s sister), Denise, and Sadie Marie.

As Sadie blossomed 

into a young lady 

she loved dressing nice 

and wearing heals. 

Jessie made extra money as a seamstress 

and so making outfits 

for all those in her home 

came natural. 

Sadie ate it up. 

One day Sadie glided across the room 

sporting a cute outfit 

and her favorite shoes

 that happened to have plastic heels. 

She paid no attention 

to the 3’x3′ gas floor furnace 

that had just kicked on. 

As she strode over the furnace 

her heel got stuck 

and MELTED, 

catching her off balance 

and down she went! 

NOT one of her most flattering moments, 

but a MOST memorable one. 🙂


Frankie and Sadie loved fried potatoes.

 I mean LOVED them so much

 they sometimes ate them 3 times a day!

During that winter 

of living with Robert & Jessie, 

Sadie wanted some fried potatoes. 

So, after school 

Jessie sent Sadie 

down to the cellar 

where the summer’s harvest of potatoes was stored. 

Of course, by late winter, 

the best potatoes were gone, 

leaving only smaller, weathered ones. 

As Jessie went about her other chores

 after instructing Sadie to start peeling the potatoes,

 she didn’t notice how Sadie’s peeling 

was leaving more potato 

with the peeling 

than with the potato to fry. 

It’s my understanding that 

Jessie and Sadie went round and round 

as the lesson of potato peeling was taught. 🙂   

(This fond memory was joked and laughed over just a few weeks ago as she visited with Robert and Jessie).


Sadie was known during her high school years

 as a good friend 

with a bubbly personality. 

She was always able to keep her sense of humor 

no matter what Life threw her way. 

She never lost that, 

even during her last painful days. 


Sadie attended the 

Dresden Pentecostal Church 

her entire adult life. 

She met and married 

her husband, Edward Lamb, 

there 43 years ago. 

Now, that was an awesome day. 🙂


Ready for Sadie's wedding. Robert, Rebekah, Mark & Denise.

Ready for Sadie’s wedding. Robert, Rebekah, Mark & Denise.

I was 9 at the time 

and served as her flower girl. 

My sister Rebekah was a bridesmaid.

 Our 3 year old little brother, Mark 

was the ring bearer. 

Mom made our dresses, hats and accessories. 

To this day I still think fondly of 

the pink satin dress I wore, 

making me feel like a little princess.


 We were all so proud 

of how well Mark marched down the aisle

 the night of the wedding practice. 

He felt so proud 

to have such an important job! 


The night of the wedding,

 all was going well. 

The church was filled 

with beautiful cascading candlelight 

as the bridesmaids flowed in. 

I made my way to the front 

sprinkling the aisle 

with rose pedals. 

I turned around 

in expectation 

of Mark making his way down behind me. 

What I saw was a little boy 

with sheer fear on his face. 

Everyone was urging him 

to go on, go on… 

and he tried…. 

But walking down the aisle

 into darkness 

was not what he bargained for 

and before we knew it, 

he’d turned

 and fled 

back into his momma’s arms 

and nothing would change his mind!

Sadie just laughed 

and continued to enjoy the memory 

of her “almost” perfect wedding. 


Sadie with her husband, children and grandchildren.

Sadie with her husband, children and grandchildren.

If I could sum Sadie’s attitude up

 in one sentence 

I’d say 

she took things in stride. 

Whatever it was, 

she’d laugh  and 

take it in stride. 


My cousin Greg 

summed her up well.

He said 

he never saw Aunt Sadie Mad. 


My memories are filled

 with my dad’s laughter 

joined with Aunt Sadie’s. 

They could recount some funny times! 


The 4 children Ola raised as her own; L to R; Sadie, Frankie, Robert, & Mildred Ann.

The 4 children Ola raised as her own; L to R; Sadie, Frankie, Robert, & Mildred Ann.

Now, Mildred Ann is his sister

 and they share an extreme closeness

and many fond memories 

as being the only kids for a good while. 


But the bond between Sadie and Dad 

has a different tenderness. 

He has said many times how 

he feels she was more of a daughter to him 

than a sister.

 And justifiably so,

 since he had a big part in raising her. 


Sadie with her daughters, Stephanie & Cindy


When Sadie became a mother herself, 

I can still hear all the many times 

my daddy sang with joy, “Sadie had a little lamb”. 

He took such delight in Sadie’s little girls. 


Sadie took motherhood seriously. 

She devoted her life to her daughters, 

raising them with the same faith and principles 

that her own mother had oh, so long ago.


Sadie’s devotion didn’t stop 

with her husband and daughters. 

Her 4 grandchildren were the delight of her heart.

Sadie and Granddaughter Alyssa.

Sadie and Granddaughter Alyssa.

It was her grandchildren 

that made her smile on the bad days 

that were filled with 

unbearable physical pain. 


Sadie did not have the average stable home life

that most of us take for granted. 

Every few years her home structure changed drastically.

She could have been filled with anger of disappointments.

She chose, however, 

to use these life events to grow stronger.

Her last few years was proof. 

Pushing through unbelievable Health issues, 

proving Doctors didn’t have her timeline, 

wearing out hospice time after time, 

and expressing her love for her family with every breath.  


Edward & Sadie with their grandchildren.

Edward & Sadie with their grandchildren.

Throughout Sadie’s life, 

there was one thing that never, NEVER wavered. 

It was her passion for her Lord and Saviour. 

She loved her family and 

devoted her life to them, 

but she was passionate about her Lord. 

She lived her faith, 

walked her faith and 

showed her faith every day.

 She has the heart of Christ and 

it shined brightly from within her. 


Now, I would say Rest In Peace Aunt Sadie, 

but that just doesn’t seem fitting. 


She’s no longer in pain and 

her weariness is now gone. 

But she’s not resting now. 

She’s up there in heaven 

a shouting and 

a singing,

a hugging and 

a loving on all those who have gone before her.


She’s getting to hug her mother. 

The one that gave birth to her 

and prayed for her 

and was taken from her while she was a toddler. 


She’s getting to hug her momma. 

The one that God sent to love her 

as only a momma can. 

I can see Grannie Ola now 

with that sweet smile of hers. 

Can’t you just see Aunt Sadie 

sitting down with these two awesome ladies??


and I bet they are joined by Aunt Annie Bell. 

Oh my, 

I bet they’re holding their sides 

with all the giggles coming from their joy. 


She’s getting to hug her daddy.

 The one that provided for her 

even when he didn’t know how to raise a little girl by himself. 


And I’m certain Aunt Sadie is 

holding onto her dear, sweet precious Jesus 

and hugging Him tight.


I can just see Aunt Sadie 

shouting hallelujah and 

praising her Lord 

for all the blessings he bestowed on her. 


This is what Sadie Marie Mansfield Lamb 

has been working toward for so long. 


And she’s there. 



Written by

her niece,

Denise Mansfield Bradberry

and read at her funeral 11/23/2013

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