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Denise Mansfield, Author

Denise Mansfield, Author

419wlhq8A1L._UX250_Denise Mansfield was born in rural North West Tennessee late in 1961. Raised as a country girl on a small farm just out of Dresden, TN Denise appreciates and prefers the simple, rustic lifestyle. She admits God seems to have blessed her with an extra large dose of creativity for there lies her passion. For decades Denise has enjoyed most any craft or creative venture. From quilting, painting, wood crafts, baking, gardening, genealogy, wedding enhancing and gift baskets, to computer-generated crafts & projects such as website design, not to leave out her passion for writing.

To pay the bills, Denise has worked as a Program Technician for the USDA Farm Service Agency for nearly three decades. She has a great respect for Agriculture and the farmers & Ag producers across America.

Denise has channeled her creativity into her website, www.sharidenise.com. She enjoys different avenues of adventure through her online store, “Unique Creations by Shari Denise”.

Although she feels very blessed, Denise has weathered her share of storms in life. The result is a great compassion for those hurting & lonely. For years she has been sharing gift boxes with those who cross her path that seem to just need a hug. Her Warm Hugs for Dark Nights Facebook page is encouraging and uplifting people daily. According to Denise, it is very humbling to be in a position for God to touch someone through her.

51Hyugnn6gLIt’s been said that author Denise Mansfield has warmed the hearts of the literary world with southern country charm by writing her first book; Warm Hugs for Dark Nights. As the economy crunches and military activation increases, author, Denise has a great compassion for those suffering from lonely nights due to death, divorce, military deployment, empty nest, etc. Denise takes the reader from light hearted humorous laughter to the deepest emotional tears as her pen shares the honesty of dealing with ordinary life in the midst of life’s battles. She shares as well, her experiences of traveling interstate 40 across the wide state of Tennessee as she commuted from her hometown in West Tennessee to her current home in the hills of East Tennessee.

Freelance writer, and former media editor, Renee Phelps of Remington College comments:
“Denise’s unique, down-to-earth style takes the reader along beside her, as she travels the racing highways and winding back roads of a life well-lived. On the way, she takes us back to places we thought were lost forever… when we actually saw things in the sky other than storm clouds. When clouds were for sleeping and the stars really were winking at us….and when a beautiful sunset was really worth pulling off the road. From tears of despair to tears of laughter, her stories include one recurrent theme … that God is everywhere.”

Mansfield RipplesFavorite quote:
Laugh when you can. It makes dealing with “when you can’t” easier.

Denise is now taking on a new adventure. Writing her second book titled Mansfield Ripples. After researching her Mansfield genealogy, she found herself imagining what each generation’s life was actually like. Using her very own ancestors and what little personal tidbits she has learned about them, where they lived, where they traveled, she’s created a most unique story of historical fiction. Mansfield Ripples will be released early to mid 2015.

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