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Creativity has seeped into my keyboard. There is no where that my creative talents are more obviously a gift from up above than in my writing. It bubbles up and without expressing it on the keyboard, I do believe I’d implode. So many times I go back and read something I’ve written and think, “Did I write that?” For this reason I give that sweet guy in the sky all the credit for giving me the passion to express my thoughts through words. The errors are mine, the passion is His.

1. My writing is channeled in three different avenues. The first is through articles, blogs and hubs. These articles spring up from time to time as an occasion to write one presents itself.
You can find a list of them here:

 Articles, and hubs by Denise Mansfield


2. The second avenue of writing is books authored by Denise Mansfield.
You can find a list of them here:

 Denise Mansfield, Author


3. The third avenue of writing is books authored by Basil Pearl.basilpearl
Yes, I am Basil Pearl. Why a pen name when I’m already published as Denise Mansfield? Well, here’s the scoop. I, as Denise Mansfield, wrote Warm Hugs for Dark Nights out of a series of personal experiences. It is distinctively… me. Mansfield Ripples is also particularly “me” due my using the very ancestors of my family tree to create a fictional story.

Having written fiction as Denise Mansfield, I have found it extremely personal and emotionally attaching.

My motivation to use a pen name comes from wanting to set aside my responsibilities and involvement of living and working in the Agricultural world and drop into the fictional settings of books such as the “No-Till” series. It’s a matter of changing hats and focus. For some reason, as Basil Pearl I am able to venture outside the limits of real life, weaving a storyline into a fascinating tapestry of fiction that brings more depth and dimension to the characters.

My maternal grandfather’s name was Basil Monsee. He named his daughter, my mother, Jessie Pearl. It is in their honor that I use Basil Pearl as my pen name.

“Clever name by the way Basil Pearl, spicy and cultured, sweet jewels with a twist of savory.”
~  Ron Shaw,   The Ron Shaw Show 

You can find a list of Books by Basil Pearl here:

Basil Pearl, Author


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