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Italian Hanging Baskets

italian.herb.basketsOk, I admit it, I found this idea on Pinterest. And what a wonderful idea it is!! You’ve all seen those upside down tomato planters, well this puts a new twist to it. Tomato plant in the bottom of a hanging basket and Italian herbs (like Oregano, Sage, & Basil) in the top! Grab some pasta and you’ve got yourself a great Italian dish! 🙂



IMG_5048  I made three of these delightful baskets. As you can see, it didn’t take long for them to turn themselves upward for the Sunshine’s kisses.


So, what herbs did I plant in my three baskets? Well, here’s the answer.

IMG_5045  * * * * * I planted Sweet Basil, Oregano and Thyme in my first basket.

IMG_5047Thai Basil, Oregano and Thyme in my 2nd basket.


And in my 3rd basket I planted Pineapple Sage, Dill and Marjoram.

As my herbs and tomatoes grow, I will update their progress here, so check back again soon!

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