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Hanging Window shelves


The hail storm that hit our area a while back forced the need for new windows. Although the windows went into the same “holes” as the old ones came out of, we were so amazed at how much more light these new windows displayed. We really loved watching the sky activity (clouds, sunshine, lightening streaks, etc) so when it came time to choose window dressings we just couldn’t cover them up. So, we decided curtains for the bottom half (for privacy) while leaving the top half open. Although we loved this, the windows looked a bare hmmm…. “Topless”.  When searching for a solution I took these things in consideration:

A; privacy at certain areas was  still an issue, even with just the top open.

B; I love plants and wanted to incorporate them somehow.

C;  I love an unusual style and had found a fascination with hanging shelves and HOW they hung.


My first window I wanted to use pulleys. Cute little things with such personality! I made a shelf out of scrap lumber. The swinging shelf is filled with house plants planted in pieces of a vintage china set. I love the idea of plants enjoying the sunshine.

My 2nd Window is probably the most unusual. We live in a farmhouse that has housed several generations. Incorporating bits and pieces from past generations is always a delight for us. I found an old drawer that was once used in the barn to hold tools.

farm box shelfIt’s weathered and worn appearance won me over immediately. Cutting it into a more narrow version, I hung it with heavy pulleys and ropes also found in an old barn.

My next Window is what I consider one of my warmest windows. It gets plenty of heat from the Sunshine as well as interior warmth from the fireplace nearby. Thus, my little collection of cacti found this window as their home.

Cacti shelfI found a great wire tray at Hobby Lobby that was just the right width and length for this window. Hanging it from original antique insulators I found on the farm, this shelf swings in the sunlight and the cacti thrive.

Not wanting the windows to all be the same (I told you I preferred the unique) this window found itself adorned with an old birdcage turned planter. And no, I couldn’t just use an ordinary plant hanger…

BirdcageFinding an old hinge, I decided to use it, adding yet another touch from a previous generation.

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