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Gutter Garden

51b752a6fb04d60a57000f84._w.540_s.fit_Saw it on Pinterest, found it to be such an absolutely excellent idea! A Gutter Garden!  And I knew exactly where I wanted to hang one! I had been toying with the idea of doing something like this. I wanted a vertical garden near my new Cackleberry Inn. Then I brainstormed and gave birth to the idea of building a Climb & Dine. IMG_4563I began with Phase One which was to construct the “Climb” part. The second phase would be the Gutter Garden. With the wire of the Cackleberry Inn Patio between the two (Climb shelf limbs on the inside, Gutter Garden on the outside), the Climb & Dine would offer more area for the flock of poultry to “Be” as well as offer them a fresh salad bar of herbs yet not allow them near enough to the roots to destroy the plants.

IMG_4583The first step was to plan what kind of items I would use for the Gutter Garden. As with it’s name, the first to be used was of course a gutter. I, however, found gutters to be way too expensive and so I sought out another option. IMG_4570My recent favorite item of use is the mundane PVC pipe. Oh, how versatile they are! AND, they are inexpensive compared to other inventory selections. Using my handy Rockwell SoniCrafter Cutting tool, I zipped out a strip approximately 2 inches wide out of the top of each 5′ long 3″ PVC pipe. Then I took a piece of rough grit sand paper and cleaned all the cutting roughage off, giving it a smooth edge. IMG_4581Next I drilled a hole 2″ from each end on the top and on the bottom. Positioned an eyelet screw through the hole and secured with washer and nut. Next I dabbed a bit of the purple PVC primer on, and just inside the round edge, as well as the edges of a PVC cap lid.IMG_4585 I let it dry and then did the same with blue PVC glue, and immediately snapped the lid in place. Ta Da!! End is closed, and secure.

IMG_4571 The next step was to fill the PVC pipe with potting soil. Excitement always grows as a project takes shape. It is so thrilling to see it all come together.

You may remember my starting some Herb seeds back in the winter, well, as I have explained before I have an Olive Thumb. Therefore not all the little seedlings survived (*sigh). IMG_4572The good news is some did survive! 🙂 It’s been my experience that Basil, Parsley, and Sage are the hardiest seeds since they are the ones that survived amply. I will admit, I returned to the garden center and purchased some healthy and thriving herbs to join my tiny seedlings. You can see them in the background here.

IMG_4588Next Order of business was to transplant said little seedlings into the PVC pipes. Now we wait for the little seedlings to grow and the weather to become frost-free. That is when I will connect the PVC “trays” with lengths of chain and hang them from the roof rafters of the Cackleberry Inn Patio.

Climb & Dine Gutter Garden

Climb & Dine Gutter Garden

Time to bring the Gutter Garden PVC pipes out for REAL Sunshine. My little herb seedlings are still small and tender but big enough to grow outside. It was exciting to actually hang the plant filled pipes from the sturdy rafter. Currently the plants are out of reach of the Cackleberry Flock, however, as the herbs grow and overflow, I will adjust the hanging chains for easier access from the “stairs” of the Climb & Dine.

IMG_4881I truly had the attention of all the poultry as I hung the Gutter Garden. They observed with fascination.

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