Unique Creations by Shari Denise

From Writing to Chickens with lots in-between, Creativity Abounds!


Wood Stain Art

I’m fascinated by wood grain, stain and how one can bring to life pieces of furniture with them. So much of the time we have items in our homes that are actually screaming for a bit of attention. Two wonderful examples are my hexagon end table and our Dining room suite.

IMG_4134Today was a fun day in the shop of Unique Creations. After much preparation I was finally able to add stain to the top of our Dining room table. Oh WOW! Boy Howdy did that table pop with vitality!

Fascinating! Incredibly awesome how the wood comes alive!

The trick of painting polyurethane on raw wood and then staining the surface, leaving the design “unstained” is a rare detail found in the refurbishing world. It’s easy to turn a mundane piece of furniture into a work of art using this easy technique. I can’t wait to use this on yet another project soon!



Clear the Table!

IMG_4075I admit it was cold. Some would probably call me crazy (I’m used to that already), but I could not WAIT to get this project going!

Taking our sturdy but dirty dining table outside (yes, on this crisp January day) I began a project I’ve had in mind for quite some time.

Today was a great start on the Dining Table Makeover. Sanded all the finish off the woodgrain top while listening to “The Book Thief” audio book on audible.com. You will have to stay tuned as this project unfolds in the near future. For now, you can check out more photos and watch for progress by clicking here:   Dining Table Makeover


Kitchen Facelift

Once upon a time my kitchen screamed for attention. It was in desperate need of… something….image

So, a facelift began. You can find more details here on the Quick Kitchen Facelift.


Old Flame

Our Farm-themed living room needed an accent lamp. I couldn’t help but fall in love with this old, forgotten Oil Lamp. click here for details.



Let the Sunshine in!

It’s no secret that “my style” is not the average. I love the collision of vintage, shabby and farm life. This is portrayed rather strongly in the window treatments that now adorn my windows. I love the idea of plants, hanging shelves, and sunshine. See how I created unique hanging shelves for my windows that become homes to lively plants: HANGING WINDOW SHELVES


Trying out a new Technique

Hex Stain Art Table.  A Unique Creation by Shari Denise

Hex Stain Art Table.
A Unique Creation by Shari Denise

Ever have a result in your head but can’t figure out how to get that result? Yeah, me too. For months I had this finished product picture in my head and yet, couldn’t figure out how to achieve my goal. Then one night, I woke up and the solution was there. So simple! Left me wondering why it took me so long to realize it. I set out to test this idea and I had the perfect “guinea pig”. A Hexagon shaped end table. Here is the result.


Learn about my technique of Stain Art here.


Firewood Box reporting for Duty Sir!

So, we needed a firewood box for our newly remodeled Living Room with emphasis on protecting the new hardwood floor.  Incorporating antique farm items in decor as possible (note the “handle” on the firewood box) I created a box including wheels for easier access and manipulation. The box is made from re-purposed barn wood.


To see more, click here:

Firewood Box


Cleaning Vintage Door Hinges & Knobs

In Remodeling our century old farm house, I took down one of the original doors, saved it and now it’s time to restore it and hang it once again. The Door’s hardware was one of the most important reasons I wanted to keep this door. With decades and generations of multiple coats of paint, it was time to get serious about cleaning them up. I learned that soaking them in vinegar released the dirt, grime and all that paint. Even better, if allowed to soak in a pan (covered with the vinegar) in the oven on low heat for a few hours, very little was left to do but brush it a bit to remove all the gunk.