We’ve been Invaded!!

20140629_181002_FotorOh MY! A couple of weeks ago, I began noticing some things were showing up around in our yard and gardens. A door here, a swing there…





Mint pot swing

Mint pot swing

As more and more things began to appear, I realized we had been invaded!! an entire tribe of Fairies (and Gnomes) have made our yard and gardens their home!

Ok, well, I’m good with that. 😉




click on photo for more detailed photos



While my grandson came to visit for a week, we’ve been busy making our new little friends feel more at home.







We’ve had so much fun, especially around the Lilac bush where an entire village has erupted!


So excited to share that we are entering our fairy gardens and sightings in The Magic Onions 2014 Fairy Garden Contest! Might I suggest that you create a fairy garden and enter yours as well!


We’ve got all kinds of Fairy Dwellings and more to show in the future! COME LOOK!!! Magical Fairy Gardens