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Gadget Alert. It’s Coffee Time!

IMG_4109A few months ago our Bunn coffee maker died. After much deliberation we elected to go with a Mr. Coffee Pot brewer. We love the idea of enjoying a pot of coffee together each morning. We have a sip-&-pour style where we heat up the coffee we are already enjoying in our cups by pouring a bit more into it as we go about our morning routines. This works extremely well for us. We don’t really like the idea of making a cup of coffee one cup at a time. We have also become acquainted with a new little coffee bean grinder that we were given for Christmas. YUM!

Once the morning coffee pot routine has expired, I find several times throughout the rest of the day where a fresh hot cup would really be awesome. On the days I am at home working on a project or around the house, I love a good cup of fresh hot coffee. These moments are sporadic and brewing in a coffee pot just doesn’t cut it. I also enjoy a good cup of hot peppermint tea on cold wintery nights like we’ve been having lately.

As I browse my options I’ve been torn between all today’s market offers. Should I get into the “K-cup” mania or stick with freshly ground beans that we enjoy so well. All the questions overloaded my brain each time I addressed the subject, thus, I’d just drop it for another day.

IMG_4107Well, the perfect solution found itself in front of my eyes the other day and here it is!

Oh MY! I’m in love! Everything I wanted all rolled up into one! A one cup Bunn with 4 (yes, 4!) different baskets! One for K-cups, one for ground coffee, one for pods or tea bags, and one for just brewing hot water.

IMG_4101Oh My!


I’m loving the versatility of this machine! Better than any other option out there from my perspective. I highly recommend this machine. It is so much fun with all the options that it offers. Go get one! They are available through Amazon (see add to the right). Go get one!



Listen To This!

IMG_4708I love Books. I love reading books, I love writing books, I love listening to books. One of my favorite pastimes is listening to audio books while doing other things like working on a project, tending to my critters, exercising, or even driving.

Yes, driving. Over the years of commuting back and forth from East TN (where I live) to West TN (where family and home roots are) I learned a very valuable lesson. As the miles click off through my 5 1/2 hour, music would become so rhythmic, that it would nearly lull me to sleep. Not good when it is so vital to remain alert. While driving through Nashville I found some pretty cool talk radio station programs and that kept me entertained for a while. Then one day I tossed in an audio book CD. I was hooked. The storyline, the animation of the reader’s voice. It was like a movie in my ear as I traveled down the dreary, boring highway. Before I knew it my 5 1/2 hour trip was done. I realized I was more alert and handled the traffic much better than just puttering along to a rhythmic thump, thump, thump that put my brain in neutral. Now, I will admit, I only use one earbud while driving so I remain alert to surrounding sounds for safety.

Working on one of my Uniquely Creative projects is another time frame that I like to put my hands to work and my brain in a good storyline. One problem; I couldn’t haul my CD player around with me all over the house, yard, and farm. Then I found Audible.com. Audio books on the go. Anywhere I take my cell phone, I take my Audio books. A subscription, downloading an app to my iPhone and I was in heaven. I’ve listened to countless books and am always fascinated by the animation and talent of the reader. They really bring the story to life.

The photo shown here is my current setup. iPhone and earbuds. The perfect setup is a bluetooth synced to your cellphone. Frankly I despise to talk on, or to anyone using a bluetooth. Even with the best devises reception and clarity ranks right up there with fingernails on a chalkboard. However, using a bluetooth earpiece devise for listening to Audio books is the best ever. One ear for surrounding sounds and one ear for audio book and NO CORDS!

Listening to audio books is indeed a delight for me. That’s why I’ve taken the time to share this with you. If you find you don’t have time to read all those incredibly irresistible books out there, might I suggest my system to you. Audible.com makes it easy.

~ Denise