Pug Luv, Zuzu and Clarence’s story, Knox’s Legacy

IMG_3565This post begins with a sad, tragic event. My daughter and her family lost their five year old Malti-pug, “Knox” just after Thanksgiving. Little Knox became fascinated with a chip bag he stole from the trash. As he followed his nose into the bag, it turned into a vacuum, thus, suffocating the curious little dog. My daughter, my son-in-law and both my grandchildren were devastated. The house became empty, echoing with silence. Their ears screamed for the activity of their beloved four-legged family member.

Although Knox can never be replaced, Santa decided to liven up the household by bringing two Pug puppies to Ryleigh and Brycen for Christmas. *Note, Uncle Kris and his 10 year old yellow lab, Raddler joined us on Christmas morning.

“It’s a Wonderful Life” is this family’s favorite Christmas movie of all time. Santa took the time to pen a letter to this little family and left it with the puppies. Below is a copy of Santa’s letter.

Ho, Ho, HO!!!

Hello to the Herrin Household!!

Santa here,

I don’t write too many letters on Christmas Eve night, Usually I’m just a little bit busy (*wink, *wink),
But I just had to sit down here and pen you a little note.

First I’ve got to tell you how saddened I was to receive the news about little Knox. That was a truly sweet doggy. Knox was known at the North Pole for being the best helper when it came to Christmas Eve assistance. I don’t know if you know this or not but a couple of years ago, I had trouble getting up the stairs with all your christmas loot! I dropped a few gifts along the way. When I turned around, there was Knox, dragging the box with his strong teeth. Ryleigh, you may have noticed one of your gifts had a little torn wrapping paper. Well, that wrapping paper is the only thing Knox could get his teeth into. He was a real help to me that year! I was behind schedule and would not have made it to all the little boys and girls had it not been for Knox!

I know we are all sad about Knox, but we know he’s in heaven and I bet he’s busy helping Jesus celebrate His birthday this year! Brycen, I know you really wanted me to bring Knox back to you for Christmas but little buddy that was just not God’s plan. Knox was needed in Heaven.

Now, as you have already noticed by now, I brought two sweet little puppies to you this year. These are no ordinary puppies. These are Wonderful Life puppies! What does that mean? Well, as I recall, you enjoy the Christmas movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  These puppies needed a good home and because of Knox, they now do.

Clarence, the little boy pug puppy has had a difficult week. He’s the one I originally wanted to bring you. Oh, I’ve taken great Ho, Ho, HO JOY planning to bring you this little guy! Clarence (named after the angel in the movie) was born with no place to go. No place to call his own happy home. I told my elves immediately to save Clarence for Ryleigh and Brycen Herrin. Few things have made my belly shake like jelly this year, but Clarence has done that easily. He’s a true silly and fun pup.
But then last week, Clarence got sick. He was rushed to the Vet and they got busy on him. He was a very sick little puppy. I’m told while Clarence was very sick he saw Knox. After that Clarence seemed to take on a fighting spirit and he started getting better. HO, HO, HO!!! I thought he was going to lick my beard plum off my face on the ride over here!!!

Zuzu, the little girl pug puppy, came from a sad little home. Oh, it was filled with lots of people and lots of animals, but it seemed she always got scooted to one side or the other. My elves came to me concerned about Zuzu and asked me what I thought about finding her a good home. One that was filled with lots of love and fun. I knew instantly where she needed to be. She needed to go live with Ryleigh and Brycen!

I know I am leaving these two little pups in great hands. Keep them fed and watered and teach them to go outside to potty. Remember they are special because they are “Wonderful Life” Puppies. They are especially special because through them, Knox got his wings. 🙂

Ho Ho HO!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!

Santa Claus

So, Clarence and Zuzu are now enjoying lots of Puggle Snuggles and Knox has his “wings”.  Clarence and Zuzu now share their Pug Luv on their own personal Facebook page.

I am especially fond of these two little fur balls since I had to opportunity to grandpuppy-sit while the Herrins went on a surprise family vacation.

Here are a few photos of Clarence and Zuzu:


IMG_3848 IMG_3860 IMG_3863 IMG_3876 IMG_3912 IMG_3919 IMG_3937 IMG_3940 IMG_3941 IMG_3943 IMG_3945 IMG_3947 IMG_3975 IMG_3978 IMG_4015