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It was inevitable. The irresistible softness and quiet sweetness of bunnies.

It began when I was offered a lop rabbit that needed a new owner. She was already a rescue bunny and now, she needed yet another new home. I fell head over heels for Phoebe.


Phoebe was approximately 4 years old when she came to live on Cackleberry Lane. Her color is Magpie Harlequin and Vienna marked (carries the blue eye trait). I’m told she was obviously bred with purpose to get these colors.

Phoebe has an adorable personality. She enjoys cuddling and to my surprise, is potty trained (I had no idea that was even possible!).

As with chickens, goats and cats, bunnies are like potato chips, you can’t have just one. And so, the adventures of raising a few bunnies arrive on Cackleberry Lane.



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