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Well, I’ve done it again. Branched out for a new adventure.

Guinea Keets Born July 30th, 2013

Guinea Keets
Born July 30th, 2013

This time it was in the form of Keets. Yes, Baby Guineas.

6:00am phone call to my USPS office. “Hello, this is Denis–” before I could announce my name the Post Master exclaimed, “They’re here!” I could tell he was smiling just by his voice. I grabbed my keys and headed out the door. Never had I ever felt so much like Fred Flintstone running in place!
I ordered my variety of Guinea Keets on the 22nd of July from Stromberg’s in MN. I admit I was surprised with the quick filling of my order! I received a courtesy call Monday, July 29th saying my order would be shipping out on Tuesday the 30th. I received another courtesy call Tuesday afternoon informing me my order of baby Keets had been shipped and should arrive (within 48 hrs) at my local Post Office early Thursday morning (Aug 1st). Sure enough they arrived eagerly announcing their presence. The Box notes that my little keets hatched on 07/30/2013 at 10:00am. Amazing. :-)

Now they are a week old and getting settled in to the Brooder that I made out of an old chest of drawers.

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Guineas are such a fascinating breed. Here is an awesome article from Mother Earth News about Guineas, their characteristics and care.

Feb 2nd, 2014

My Guineas have refused to leave their suite since they arrived as little keets. Well, today I “encouraged” them to venture out to the patio area of the Cackleberry Inn. This was the first day Hitchcock (my hugh black rooster) has been around them except for seeing them through the chicken wire that separates their suites inside the Inn. I was rather proud of how sociable Hitchcock was. The Guineas handled their outing rather well even though they were a bit skittish. And of course, the Coffee Cats were always in and around all activity.

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