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SOLD!! For Sale: Mr. Eclipse

Mr. Eclipse

Pygmy Buck with a splash of Nigerian Dwarf Blue eyes.

I haven’t owned Mr. Eclipse long. A few months ago I decided I wanted more baby goats (I love baby goats!) and so, I began looking for a Pygmy Billy Goat to breed my two nanny goats with. The first photo I found of him online was love at first sight. He was exactly what I was looking for. He had the small frame of a pygmy, yet his pale blue eyes proves he has a bit of Nigerian Dwarf in him as well.

Mr. Eclipse’s age is approximately 4 years old. I was so thrilled to find him and have very mixed emotions about having to let him go. When I bought him I admit, I was a bit apprehensive about if I could handle a Billy Goat that wasn’t familiar with me or my small herd. I worried needlessly. Mr. Eclipse has the absolute BEST personality and easily blended into our way of life here on Cackleberry Lane. He has his own private home, away from the ladies, yet next to the wether, “Briar”. He free range grazes for an hour or so each evening and eagerly returns to his “home” when the shake of a coffee can filled with promised goat feed pellets is offered.

Mr. Eclipse is sturdy, affectionate, adorable, and easily handled. If you are looking for a Billy to add a good line to your herd, he’s your guy.

Age: approximately 4 years old

Arrived at Cackleberry Lane: August 18th, 2017

Reason for selling: Family emergency forces me to reduce my current number of critters. Selling is NO fault of Mr. Eclipse. Tears will be shed when he leaves Cackleberry Lane.

Price: $130.00

Location: Louisville, TN (Just south of Knoxville)

To Purchase Mr. Eclipse, Contact us at chickadenise@gmail.com

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