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SOLD! Mimosa & Blossom

Mimosa & Blossom

Nigerian Dwarf does with a touch of Pygmy

Mimosa & Blossom are twin does born right here on Cackleberry Lane. Their mom is Roxi, a Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf doe. Their dad is Thistle, a Nigerian Dwarf buck. So, I guess you could say Mimosa & Blossom are 75/25% Nigerian Dwarf & Pygmy.

Mimosa & Blossom were born on January 17th, 2017. This was Roxi’s first pregnancy, so we were pretty excited about this event!

Blossom was born first. With her white coat, she defiantly took after her dad, Thistle.
Mimosa was born a few minutes later. She took after her mom with her dark coat of mostly black, laced with a bit of white and brown.

Mimosa & Blossom have had a happy and healthy “kid-hood”. They have been fortunate to be able to stay with their momma, Roxi and consume all the nutritious milk they wanted.

My original plan was to breed Mimosa & Blossom to Mr current stud muffin, Mr. Eclipse next year. However, due to unexpected family issues, I am being forced to sell Mimosa & Blossom as well as Mr. Eclipse. It’s a heartbreaking task.

Mimosa & Blossom would be an asset to any herd. They are healthy and have never had any issues  whatsoever. Their parents have also been healthy their entire lives and have proven to be good stock.

Mimosa & Blossom love to free range graze each evening and return immediately to their pen upon hearing their beloved goat pellets being shook in a coffee can. Once they’ve had their cup of pellets, they are content to lounge in their home pen, chewing their cud until the next evening.

Born: Jan. 17, 2017 at Cackleberry Lane

Breed: 75% Nigerian Dwarf, 25% Pygmy

Reason for selling: Family emergency forces me to reduce my current number of critters. Selling is NO fault of Briar’s. Tears will be shed when he leaves Cackleberry Lane.

Price: $200.00 for pair

Location: Louisville, TN (Just south of Knoxville)

To Purchase Mimosa & Blossom, Contact us at chickadenise@gmail.com

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