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For Sale: Briar


Briar’s sweet face caught my attention immediately when I was surfing through sale ads for a Nigerian Dwarf buck. There was something about his white face, accented by a chocolate brown that just reeked of innocence. I ended up buying not only Briar, but his brother also, which I named Thistle.






Thistle, with his light caramel brown accents was as handsome as Briar’s chocolate brown accents, both against a white body.

Briar was born on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14th, 2016. He has been a sweetheart ever since!

Briar & Thistle arrived at Cackleberry Lane on May 15th, 2016. It was an exciting day!

Thistle & Briar headed to the Vet on May 28th, 2016. Both received their first checkup and Briar had his “procedure” to become a wether.   I had purchased the two boys with the intention of having one to breed the does and the other it’s companion. Thistle became my little stud muffin and Briar became my little Peter Pan.

Thistle did indeed sire 2 sets of twins before I sold him to a couple beginning a new herd.

Briar has remained with my little herd and a very docile, tender personality. He’s such a “little boy”. While the goats free range graze in the evenings, I occasionally stand nearby with a coffee can of goat pellets (their treat). Briar will often break away from grazing to run up to me, and snatch a quick treat from my hand before the others can see and then he’s off to once again graze with the rest. Such a typical action for a little boy. Makes me smile every time.

Briar has also been a companion to our current Stud Muffin, Mr. Eclipse. He knows he takes the back seat to the stud muffin lime light, and he’s good with that. Briar handles his role of companion exceptionally well.

You will fall in love with Briar immediately. He wears a collar and can be led on a leash, or tied to a specific area to graze occasionally. He isn’t eager to come to you, but a handful of goat pellets will bring him within reach to clip a leash to his collar. Briar is gentle and doesn’t have a mean bone in his little body.

Born: Feb. 14th, 2016

Arrived at Cackleberry Lane: May 15th, 2016

Breed: Nigerian Dwarf

Reason for selling: Family emergency forces me to reduce my current number of critters. Selling is NO fault of Briar’s. Tears will be shed when he leaves Cackleberry Lane.

Price: $120.00

Location: Louisville, TN (Just south of Knoxville)

To Purchase Briar, Contact us at chickadenise@gmail.com

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