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Cackleberry Corral

Cackleberry Corral

IMG_4430So, I’m not thrilled about using the electric fence to keep my two little pygmy goats (aka Cackleberry Kids) safe and out of trouble. Although it’s serviceable, I don’t like the temporary scraggly appearance and I can’t move it around in the yard and field this summer. So, a new, revised pen was needed for my Cackleberry Kids.

After a bit of consideration and pondering, I decided a pen made from PVC pipe would be strong enough, yet light enough to move. I wanted it big enough to give the goats room to romp and buck and play. To get a glimpse of the corral I had in my mind, I laid out the basic base.

IMG_4435Using 45 degree elbows my hexagon corral was created. Since I wanted the base to be sound and sturdy, I used 2″ PVC pipe. I purchased 5′ long pieces of pipe, and cut them in half. The poles of the corral would be secured in place by a T.

To make sure I had all the T’s lined up correctly I put the base together “Upside Down”. That way I knew all would be level since the base would rest upon it’s Ts while the glue dried.

IMG_4438Once the base was completely assembled, I had help “Flippling” the base so the Ts were facing up. Then it was fun placing the poles in their Ts.

I used 1 1/2″ pipes 5′ long for the poles. Then since the top brace needed only to keep it “together” and in line, I used 1/2″ PVC pipe to crown the corral. Of course, couplers and Ts connected the 1/2″ crown to the poles.

IMG_4437With a hammer, I tapped the poles into place, as well as the 1/2″ PVC crown.

While I worked on connecting all the pipes and poles, two hugh dogs waltzed through our yard as if they owned it. This only increased my awareness that not only did my two little pygmy goats need a place they could not escape, but they also need an environment that protected them from dogs, coyotes, etc. goats can fall prey easily since they have little defense. To ensure their safety, I used metal wire to enclose the pen. It’s barely noticeable in the photo below.

IMG_4447Now, the first place I wanted to use this corral is smack dab in the middle of a walkway. Roxi & Ivy love nibbling monkey grass and I want them to clean off the two rows along the walk before spring growth began. So… although it looks kind of funny, here is the first place the cackleberry corral is positioned. Note, the pool for their water and their little mobile home wagon.

So, while they feel snuggly in their own suite in the Cackleberry Inn at night, they get to enjoy their play pen during the day.



And the girls are working hard to clean up the rows of monkey grass. IMG_4774

Stay tuned for more photos of this this fun project.


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