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Cackleberry Kids Ivy & Roxi

Cackleberry Kids
Ivy & Roxi

Late summer of 2013 I suddenly felt a desperate need for some goats. The construction of the Cackleberry Inn was almost complete and the chickens, guineas and coffee cats were all settling in well. Still, something was… missing. Then it hit me! I wanted a couple of those tiny little goats! Yes! That’s just what I needed!! I searched the classifieds and of course craigslist. Once available options began to surface, it was important to determine which were a good source for healthy, happy goats. As I began my inquiry, I stumbled upon the sweetest little couple just northeast of Knoxville. IMG_2670A & A Goats. It quickly became obvious that Andy & Alycia Goben were extremely vigilant of their goat herd. Admittedly, they pamper their goats beyond the call of duty.


Alycia playing with Ivy & Roxi

Roxi & Ivy were 9  months old when I met them. Half sisters, sharing the same daddy and named after the event of his birth. He (Roxi & Ivy’s dad) was born on a pile of rocks covered in a bed of Ivy.




Roxi was born on 12/16/12. I’m told her momma had a great pregnancy but wasn’t interested in motherhood. So, Roxi was a bottle fed baby.  Isn’t she precious?

Roxi’s momma was a Dwarf and her daddy was a Pygmy.

.                                                                    .



Ivy was (on the right resting) was a twin. She and her sister Rosie were born on 12/22/12.

The twins’ momma and daddy both were Pygmies.

Sadly, little Rosie had some health issues and didn’t make it.


half sisters, Roxi & Ivy, became best buds.

Roxi is the leader and Ivy is her side kick.




IMG_2677Next order of business was getting them home.IMG_2675 With a popup pet carrier filling up the back seat of my mustang, I hauled my little sweeties home. Oh how excited we all were!!

And that’s when the fun began!

Never have I considered how much of a joy two little goats could be! IMG_4538



Adjustments were amusing to witness as the Coffee Cats were introduced to the Cackleberry Kids.  Fascination and curiosity abounded.







Roxi & Ivy had another adjustment. One that they took up rarely nicely. Learning to tolerate a leash.

They eagerly enjoy our walks around the farm on their leashes. They get to sniff, and nibble and inspect different things along our leisurely strolls. It is most relaxing for us all.




Next order of business was to fence off the weed patch and let them at it.

I must say, the leveled this patch before the first frost.

My brother & his wife used to raise boar goats and his advice was to teach them about an electric fence early. Once they learn that lesson, their boundaries are better stabilized. I have found this advice to be true. Roxi & Ivy know their limitations when near the electric fence. This is not only for their confinement but mostly for their safety. Varmints and large dogs are not kind to little goats and so they must be protected from such animals.

I was concerned about Roxi & Ivy having shelter while they grazed in the weed patch, so, a mobile home of sorts was in order.


I combined a utility wagon and a dog house to create a rolling mobile home for the goats wherever they might need temporary shelter.

IMG_4580And of course, we had to have a little play gym. Taking 3 plastic barrels I cut out the ends, wired them together as well as wired a board on top. They LOVE it!


I move it around so Roxi and Ivy can reach some of the top leaves in their area. It is common to find one on top and one inside one of the hollow barrels.

Oh yeah, I added a thick pink stripe just to make it a little more “girly”. 🙂



As fall turned into winter I couldn’t believe my little girls were turning 1 year old! 20131216-190717.jpg


In their winter coats grown out to keep them warm, they celebrated their first birthdays. There was plenty of jumping and playing of course. 🙂


Watch my blog for updates and more fun photos as we enjoy our Cackleberry Kids!

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Watch the brief video below for more about Pygmy Goats and just how awesome they truly are.


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