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Cackleberry Inn Wet-Bar

Now installing water system.

Now installing water system.

Before I get started here I suggest you read my article on “Watering Chickens, What are the Options?

Watering our fowl friends can definitely be a foul task.

So, I was thinking, what would make a chicken have a perfect day?

  • Warm, dry place to call home
  • nice sturdy roost
  • plenty of feed
  • fresh straw in the nest
  • fresh CLEAN water

So, when I designed the Cackleberry Inn, I took in consideration the fact that I was going to have to have a special watering system.

The Cackleberry Inn has four “Suites” for four groups of chickens. These four Suites are as 4 square blocks making up one large square block with a wall frame running down the middle, separating two Suites from the other two. The idea was to run the watering system along the wall frame  where each of the four groups of chickens would  have access to clean water.

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