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Cackleberry Inn Construction.

IMG_4639For a long while now, I’ve dreamed of a chicken house that allowed me to pamper and enjoy my little flock in an easier and more relaxing manner. Finally my dream is coming true.

Due to have been blessed with way too many Roosters, I have divided my little flock into 4 groups. Four mini flocks of which I prefer to keep separately. This makes life on Cackleberry Lane much more fascinating (and a lot less blood shed). Since four mini flocks call for a bit different hen house arrangement, I set out to design what has turned out to be, a Chicken Hotel of sorts with four luxurious “Suites”. We have lovingly named it the Cackleberry Inn. Yes, there are a hundred different ways I could handle such a dilemma of too many roosters, however, this is what works and pleases “us” best.

I really enjoy my quad-flock and am always looking for easier and better ways of tending them, either for their betterment or mine. As each detail is considered and studied, I’ve found several things that really doesn’t actually agree with the average Chicken house (or coop). For example, Chickens love the ground. They love  to scratch and peck the ground. They enjoy a good dust bath in soft dirt. With this in mind, I could not bare to build a house for them that placed them on a man-made floor such as wood or concrete. with that said,  consideration was  taken to avoid varmints digging under and into the house.

The Century old Chicken house.

The Century old Chicken house.

Now, before I get too caught up in sharing about the Cackleberry Inn, I want to show you from which we came. The Century old chicken house has been a good one. standing the test of time and weather for well over a century. However, structurally sound, it is no longer. the main support beam is crumbling and with each gust of wind, we wonder if it will stand one more time. So far it still is. Then there’s the issue of gaping cracks between the weathered boards that make the walls of the old chicken house. When it was daylight, there was no need for interior lighting. Plenty of sunlight streamed through the cracks, as well as harsh winds, frigid rain, sleet and snow.

I admit, I have had mixed emotions about the old chicken house. After all, it has been such an icon on the farm. It’s where I housed my first little flock of chickens, it’s where I looked up to find a scraggly little black kitten, resting easily on a rafter, lazily swaying her tail. This little stray kitty was the first of the Coffee Cats thus, I named her Folgers.

When we had guineas (before I got some chickens) we built a secure cage for them to call home inside the old chicken house. Later, as my flock evolved, I used it to separate my abundance of roosters. This brought on my building a small outdoor pen for them to venture out into the sun safely (see in photo here). Since the “Guinea cage” was built in the upper half of the old structure, I had to make a way for them to exit down to the day pen. Using a wire shelf as a “Ladder” there’s no funnier sight than to watch a little flock of chickens zip down their stairs when the door was opened. 🙂

Dreaming of the Ultimate Chicken House

With a little help from a photo app I created a visual of what I have in mind.

With a little help from a photo app I created a visual of what I have in mind.

I have spent a considerable amount of time brainstorming and researching for this project. I fear to admit that I’ve awaken in the middle of the night with just the perfect solution to a detail, and have become a regular at Home Depot, Lowes, and Tractor Supply.

Watering my quad-flock has always been such a messy aggravation for me that I’ve focused on a solution that would make it easier and cleaner for our little set up. I will be addressing this more in the near future as I share the “wiggle waterer” system that I have designed.

Sufficient feed has been another issue that I had to address. Since family or work calls me out of town for a few days at a time, I needed to make sure there was always an ample supply of feed (and also water) for the dependent birds. This will be shared also in the near future.

Construction has begun! I’m so excited about the new home my Chickens are about to move into! So, as you begin the cyber tour, allow me to take this moment to say,  “Welcome to the CACKLEBERRY INN.”

You can also keep up with the progress on Cackleberry Lane’s Facebook page.   Cackleberry Lane.

“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

Psalm 37:4

Each time I look at the Cackleberry Inn, I’m reminded of this verse. I never expected for a dream such as this to come true…

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