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Cackleberry Lane

Yeah, I love chickens. I’ve had a little flock for a few years now.

Cackleberry Inn on Cackleberry Lane.

Cackleberry Inn on Cackleberry Lane.

Seems something is always going on around the hen-house. And I admit, some of life’s best lessons can be learned from a small flock of feathered friends. 🙂

I’ve heard that chickens are the gateway farm animal. It all starts with getting a few chickens, then the next thing you know, you have guineas, goats, rabbits and pigs! This has certainly been my experience. Rest assured, there’s lots of joy to envelope one’s soul while amongst backyard critters.

It all happens on Cackleberry Lane            ~      (Blog Posts)

Let’s start with the Cackleberry Inn. My dream chicken house. We built it in 2013. I love it. It began as a little outdoor building for my chickens, but before we could finish it, I added a couple of miniature goats. Now, a rabbit has come to live in the Inn as well.

Construction and more:


It all happens on Cackleberry Lane ~ (Blog Posts)

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Cackleberry Love

Cackleberry Love

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